Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look at this another blog in the same month, well this is exciting, however I have achived this at least once before.

Anyway what news do I have? In fact very little.

Helens retro gaming party was fun, I was very anti social and played Monkey Island most of the time, although i did play it with other people most of the time. I played Sam and Max hit the road and some random game with a small dragon in it as well.

Ali told me off for being anti social and refused to bring me a hot chocolate instead bring one for the computer, I was not impressed and stole the computers hot chocolate while it was loading somthing. Hee hee, neither of them will ever find out my fiendish activity!

What else?

I have phoned and emailed more folks about our exciting art event in september, four weeks to go, arggghhh. NO Pressure. I Have a meeting tomorrow night about it, it means I will miss eating chillian food at cell group but I guess I shalll have to survive.
Wish me luck, I know not what I am doing.

So far to day I have manged succefully to egnore the extremely messy house, which I have to say, I think is an impressive accomplishment.

I supose I should go do something else contrictive.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

well, well, well, it has been some time since my last blog.
Over a year.

My problem is that I forget to post, then I forget that I have a blog and then someone complains and then I forgot they complained and then it ends up being over a year since my last blog and then I forget my username a password.
Silly me.

Anyway news, OOOooh there is so much to let you, however I'm not sure I can be bothered.

Today I spent an hour and a half updating a email mailing list for an art project i'm involved in that starts in September. That was fun in a boring, highly repetative manner. Also I have spent the day with a headache and mild period pain. needless to say it has not been the most productive of days.
I blame the weather! It's for that very reason that I can proudly call myself british.

I have decided that i going to try to blog more then three times before forgetting I own a blog this year! YOU CAN HOLD ME TO THAT.

Right todalpip, until next time.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

wow, see how depressed I sound in my last blog a million years ago.
I wasn't quite that bad.

It' my birthday today, I was awoken early by Will who made me a champagne breakfast and gave me flowers I then opened my birthday cards from the same four people that remember every year (including the one from Amy, my oldest friend who never forgets my birthday even though every year I send her an email a week late for hers having forgotten to send a card).
Max out did himself he sent me a card with bunches of four leaf clovers on the front and horse shoes, good luck written everywhere.
Inside it reads: "to Harriet best wishes, to Will and Happy birthay.
Good Luck, Love frou Maxwell Brown".
Hummmm..... What do we think that means?
Actually I tell a lie I got an extra card this year and WIll made me a book called "WHO GOES..."
It end with a shop lifting french dinosaur going "A honn ehon, ehon, ehon, ehon" all the way home. What more could you ask for?

Bob is good, she doesn't mind you stroking her back now but still can't be picked up really. She has also decided it is great fun to climb out of the cage as you put food in. She is suprisingly fast at this however a trail of food is enough to entice her back.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ali- I think MMPORPG should be pronouned Myrrh-per-morg.
It sounds more decive then morg. Nevermind.

Anyway...... Life is boring except friends in roads accidents, me not sleeping and feeling ill, tons of washing up and reading about Art.

Bob took on new hights of hate and loathing us, she started hissing at me today.

I'm not happy.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Here I am again.
Are you surprised? I am.

Wow alots happened since I last blogged.

My hamster (BOb) mutated into a bone cruching giant, eating seven people in our block of flats but after many death defying feats I manged to tame her with a large carrot and a couple of tons of monkey nuts.
Naturally I need to to vacum the bathroom after.

What else.....

I went to Wimbledon art school to cheack out MA's not sure yet but I liked it there.
Not sure whether to do it part time and commute or full time and move.
Still, I have a year to decide.
I'll probally look at some other places as well.

I'm fairly bored being stuck at home but I have read several books.
Shock of your life,
The Bourne Identity,
and Red moon rising.
A couple of them are christian books. Can you guess Which ones?
Well done. No pain for you.

I still haven't given Ali, Helen or Rob their Christmas prezzies but it ok Cause they seem to have forgotten as well so I'll save money and keep them for next year (or rather lose them again, not that i did before, and buy more next year anyway and then forget to given them as well).

Work is fun at the mo if not too taxing.
I need to do more art stuff which is why I'm thinking MA but I wanted to feel I was getting somewhere before. Which I don't. Nevermind I sure it will all fall into place soon.

Making monsters alot but I keep giving them away so never have very many.

I have a couple of small comissions to do.
That should keep me busy but a the mo I'm finding it hard to be motivated.


I'm feeling pensive now so I can't be bothered to write anymore.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Ok I'm late for the new year but I can't say I care really.
All it's done is rain or be windy or be cold, it looks crap to me.

I have a headache and i'm bored.

Good news........
I have a Hamster, we've named her Bob.

She is insane and Hates us (I can't blame her really).

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Here I am, small, amazed and ready to face a new day even thought the shower hasn’t been working most of the week. The sky is grey, the pavement looks damp, yes winter is just around the corner. The immense boredom of England in winter sets in.
Not really cold, just grey, dull and overwhelmingly miserable.
This is how it should be!
Oh the joy!

I noticed that I haven’t written and instalment of my life for ages so, here goes.

A brief summary of my life (part5)

The first year of secondary school consisted of a form tutor called Mrs Smith who was quite red face and wore lots of floaty floral things.
She also gave me a detention for not doing homework, when I had been off ill that day. No excuse! I still should have known apparently, I think SHE should have had a detention for not telling me what homework I was supposed to do in the first place.
I am not bitter! No!

The thing about having a detention in your first year is that all the fear of them is removed they are just boring, I can cope with that.

The realisation that white crochet socks pulled up to the knee or rolled down (making you look like you had little rubber rings round your ankles) was no longer consider cool and from being the top hard nuts you were, now you were mere little soft things for moulding. (Like scared putty)

My tactic for making friends was simple find some girls that had potential and talk at them until I was accepted into their group. I wouldn’t recommend it but somehow it worked. I must have scared them into submission or something.

The next instalment will be truly amazing tune in next time and see how I grew or rather how everyone else grew and I just got mildy evil but then couldn't be bothered with that and became normal in the broadest sense.

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